Best Nail salons in Basildon

Hands and Feet

Hard gels

Full Set (Natural) - £40.00

Sculptured Overlays (in Any Finish) - £45.00

Infill (Natural) - £25.00

Permanent French (Added to Any of the Above) - £5.00

Gel Polish (Added to Any of the Above) - £5.00

Colour Change - £15.00

Nail Removal - £10 – £20

One Coat Gel (on Natural Nails, in Any Finish) - £28.00

Gel Polish (on Natural Nails, French or Colour) - £20.00

1 Nail Repair - £2.50-£3.50

Gel Toe Nail Replacement - £10.00

Gel Polish on Toes - £20.00

Acrygel Full Set - £48.00

Acrygel Infills - £33.00

Dip Acrylic Full Set - £35.00

Dip Acrylic Infills - £28.00

Manicure - £22.00

Pedicure - £26.00

Gel Polish Added to the Above - £10.00

Parrafin Wax Added to the Above - £7.00

File and Polish - £9.00

File and French Polish - £12.00

Big Toe Nail Reconstruction - £10.00

Callus Peel - £20.00

Reasons to choose our nails

Donna Marie Nails and Beauty has been established for 13 years and every technician has a minimum of 3 years industry experience.

We use the latest products and techniques to enable you to not only have beautiful nails, but also be on trend with the latest in nail fashion. For nail extensions and overlays, we use very high-quality IBD Gel, which is incredibly durable and natural-looking.

We also offer the latest in nail technology: Acrygel. This is a cross between hard gel and acrylic so you get the best of both worlds—the flexibility of gel and the strength of acrylic.

For our acrylics, we use Kiara Sky Dipping Powders, so it is possible to have acrylics in coloured finishes without applying another product on top. 

We pride ourselves on our reputation, so we offer a 4-day guarantee against lifting on every set of nails. Call us today to learn more about our services!