Best Nail salons in Basildon

We use the safest device on the market which has been awarded several European kitemarks to deliver this ground breaking treatment.

On the Face this treatment is a rival to Botox and surgery to reduce lines and wrinkles and tighten ageing skin.

On the body it is again an alternative to surgery such as tummy tucks and loose skin removal and is often referred to as soft surgery.

Results are often achieved after just one treatment and are permanent, however some clients will benefit from a second treatment

All exact prices are on quotation as no two treatments will ever be the same. Consultations are free of charge but here are some guideline prices


Upper eyes £450

Lower eyes £350

Crows Feet £300

Glabella £300

Brow lift £350

Smokers lines £250

Jowl lift £750

Cheek lift £800

Marionette lines £250

Nasiolabial folds £350


Full tummy £1400

Hands £250 per hand

Knees £550

Breast lift £1200

Decollatage £750

Skin tag removal from £50

Stretch marks from £65

pigmentation from £50

An aftercare kit is given at the time of treatment, discounts are available for packages of multiple areas